About the Founder

Annette Dawson Owens has a history of advocating for students inside and outside of the classroom.  She enthusiastically enjoys being an educator, but realizes most students do not have access to a high-quality school in our urban areas. For this purpose she is embarking on a mission to co-found Nevada Strong Academy serving students in Kindergarten through 12th grade.

Nevada Strong is proud to partner with Soner Tarim, whose track record of success is often the standard to which other schools are held.  He is the co-founder of Harmony Public Schools, a high performing charter network with a strong focus on STEM and Founder of the Royal School System.  He has spent the past twenty years providing excellent educational opportunities for under-served communities.


Soner Tarim and Annette Dawson Owens

     Founders of Proposed Nevada Strong

Board of Directors

Sam Castor
Monty Coon
Lindsey Dalley
Kurt Harris
David Jones
Bea Soares
Amy Trombetti