STRONG Character Development 

We believe in equipping students with the support they need to set and achieve goals.

Our School

Nevada Strong Academy

is a proposed charter school with the mission to prepare every student to be college and career ready to lead in their community and world by sparking curiosity and providing students with an exceptional, well-rounded education through high-quality instruction, rigorous curriculum, and character development. 

  • Our mission informs our school's daily activities as we provide a joyful, safe, caring and collaborative atmosphere.  


  • Our mission drives our curriculum, which features a quality, student-centered educational program with an emphasis on STREAMS-STEM education combined with reading, arts and social emotional learning (SEL).


  • Our mission guides us in targeted, intentional and purposeful design and decisions, that impact every element of our school.

Stronger Together

Once students enter our doors the work has just begun and isn't over until our graduates are firmly on the path in pursuit of a lifetime of opportunities.

We believe in equity and excellence for all, from the very beginning and are committed to delivering on our mission.


Great Teachers are the heart of great schools.  Nevada Strong’s first focus is identifying and recruiting high-capacity, mission driven, committed educators to be part of transforming public education in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The people who are crazy enough to

think they can change the world are 

the ones who do.

— Steve Jobs